How do I gift to multiple teachers?
By clicking “+Add a teacher or coach” you will be given the ability to enter in multiple names and amounts.
Are the certificates cumulative?
Yes. When your teacher/coach visits Amazon it will list the certificates they have received and total the amount given.
As a Teacher/Coach do I need to register myself?
Yes, visit the LOG IN page and enter the information to create your account. Then, shop through to redeem your certificates.
How will they redeem gift certificates?
Teachers, coaches and staff members will be encouraged to shop through ThankYouTeacher to redeem their gift certificates.
How do I recognize a teacher, coach, staff member or school?
To recognize that special person click on our “Who Inspires You?” box or send an e-mail to
How will they know I bought them a certificate?
Upon exiting ThankYouTeacher’s SHOP & GIFT box/page and moving onto for order fulfillment, an email will be generated to the recipient(s) indicating that they have been thought of.
What if I don't see my school?
If your school is not listed contact Our staff will contact you to obtain information to qualify your school. Upon qualification, ThankYouTeacher will add your school to the list within 48 hours.
Do you have supporting materials that we can send to the Parents and Staff?
Yes, refer to the RESOURCES tab for downloadable, customizable materials to help you inform your community about ThankYouTeacher.
Where are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?
They can be found on our Terms of Use page and our Privacy Policy page.

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